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Thredbo and Perisher

In Thredbo and Perisher commercial properties include ski lodges (offering both winter only and year round opportunities), restaurants and food outlets (again with varying seasonal aspects), shops, hotels, and bed and breakfast properties. Ski Lodges offer tremendous lifestyle opportunities. Commercial properties in the snow are an interesting prospect as they are appealing to a buyer seeking lifestyle, but also require good performance as reflected in the accounts. Most buyers will require finance and thus audited accounts will generally be required for the purchaser to present to the bank.
The most recent sales of lodges include the Snow Bunny in Smiggin Holes, now known as the Lion's Lair, and the Coroborree Lodge in Perisher village which is still to settle . In Thredbo the company Kosciuszko Thredbo has announced a new QT hotel to replace the aging Thredbo Alpine Hotel; this will be an exciting addition to the village. 


Lake Crackenback

The key in Lake Crackenback is to check where the real estate market is trading and ensure that the building being constructed is suitable to meet market demands for flexibility and a keen price. As always you don't want to over-capitalise your site, and remember that you are building a holiday home - keep the design simple and remember that holiday homes are occupied by clients looking for a relaxing visit to the mountains. Make sure the appliances are easy to use, and that the home is uncluttered and simple to clean. Storage is important so that purchasers can leave their holiday toys behind safely - a store room big enough for bicycles, skis, golf clubs and other sporting equipment is essential.

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