Hokkaido, Kutchan, Aza-Mizuho 15-10

Kutchan 5 Bedroom Farmhouse – 73,000,000 Yen

  • Bedroom5
  • Parking2

A 5-bedroom home with two large barns in an unrivaled setting is for sale.

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Hokkaido, Kutchan, North 6 East 1-9-21

Kutchan 6-Unit Apartment Building For Sale – 45,000,000 Yen

  • Bedroom6 units, 1 bedroom each
  • Parking8

A 6-unit apartment building in Kutchan is for sale. All units are one-bedroom units. Super Central Location.

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Hokkaido, Kutchan, Aza-Yahata

Niseko Idyllic Farmstead For Sale – 38,000,000 Yen

  • Bedroom3
  • Parking2

A spacious 3-bedroom farmstead house and detached garage is for sale. EPIC Location.

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Hokkaido, Otaru, Hariusu, Seaside Square 505

Otaru Brand New 4-Bedroom House For Sale – 31,195,000 Yen

  • Bedroom4
  • Parking2
Hokkaido, Kutchan, North 3 East 5-2-32

4-Bedroom Immaculate Kutchan House For Sale – 38,800,000 Yen

  • Bedroom4
  • Parking4

A 4-Bedroom house in downtown Kutchan is for sale. This house is in amazing condition.

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Hokkaido, Kutchan, North 4 East 4-3-87

Kutchan 2-Unit 2-Bedroom Duplex Building For Sale – 26,000,000 Yen

  • Bedroom2

A renovated 2-Unit Apartment Building in Kutchan is priced for sale.

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Hokkaido, Niseko, Soga 397-77

Niseko, Soga Prime Land For Sale – 6,000,000 Yen

A prime location in Soga is for sale. Located in a quiet peaceful area of Niseko. Great views of Mt.Yotei.

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Veysonnaz, Switzerland

Ski to Verbier! Veysonnaz, Switzerland – Price: $900,000

  • Bedroom1.5
  • Bathroom2

Rare opportunity to acquire this property in Switzerland from the current Australian owners. Opportunities to purchase real estate in Switzerland are extremely limited for overseas buyers except where the property is already owned by foreign nationals.

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