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Thredbo Real Estate - How to buy leasehold property in the Snowy Mountains

We have been here for 16 years so you will deal with agents who own their own property in the area, and know about all aspects of real estate including selling, buying and management of holiday and investment properties. That is why you should choose us to help you sell and buy Thredbo and Lake Crackenback property in and around the Kosciusko National Park and Snowy Mountains.

Leasehold Title

The property titles in Thredbo and Perisher are leasehold - this is the case with all real estate and properties located in the Kosciuszko National Park. Leases run until 2057 or 2058, and the leases have a certain number of bed licenses.
All property in the National Park is for holidays, and this means you are not supposed to live in the property full-time.
If you are contemplating a purchase in the National Park then please get in touch and discuss your individual requirements with either Steve or Michelle. 



In Thredbo each property owner is a sub-lessee of the Kosciusko Thredbo Ltd, a subsidiary Event Hospitality and Entertainment (ASX code: EVT). In 2007 the Thredbo has rolled over the lease for another fifty years and has torrens titled most of the individual property sub leases. This process is now mostly complete as most of the new registered sub leases have issued from the Land Titles Office (September 2009). 



In Perisher each property owner (with the exception of a small number of apartments) leases directly from the Office of Environment and Heritage through the National Parks and Wildlife Service; there was a new lease offer released in December 2007 which enabled all property owners (lease holders) to roll over to a new 50 year lease to 2057, and if desired buy extra beds for their ski lodges.
If considering an older property, there is also the possibility to apply to convert 'club' beds to 'commercial' or 'apartment' beds - this process, which requires application to the OHE (NPWS), and likely payment, would ideally be pursued with the help of a local lawyer or property consultant.


Lake Crackenback and Alpine Way Real Estate

Outside the park in Lake Crackenback and along the Alpine Way normal Torrens or Strata title applies. Decide which area you are most interested in. Look at the sales history section under SOLD

If still unsure, speak with us first; we can help you balance the lifestyle and investment aspects that will best suit your dreams and plans. Get on the mailing list to receive our newsletter broadcasts. We can alert you to new listings before they reach the media. 


Real Estate Tax Depreciation Hints

As a building gets older and items within it wear out, the value depreciates.

The ATO allows property investors to claim a deduction related to the building and plant and equipment items contained within it. It can be claimed by any owner of an income producing property. This deduction essentially reduces the after tax cost of owning an investment property – investors pay less tax!

Can I estimate the depreciation deductions my investment property has? Get a Quantity Survey from someone like BMT Tax Depreciation; they have an office in Canberra. 

Quantity Surveyors are recognised by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) under TR 97/25 as appropriately qualified to estimate construction costs of a building for tax purposes. In addition to this ATO requirement, the surveyors specialise in maximising depreciation deductions for investment property owners.

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