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Thredbo Real Estate - Forbes Stynes Real Estate Business History

The Story of Our Property Agency


Our new management office has proven to help the efficiency of our management business; the staff work better and more efficiently to make the booking and payment process easier for guests and owners. 
2017 was a record year for sales - and the recent introduction of a Thredbo CRM system has improved disemenation of up-to-date information about recent sales and new agency listings. 


Our new office In The Hub opens to better serve our property management owners.  Another great year with record sales and increased property management through providing a great experience. And our customers are telling each other about that.

2014 and 2015  

Thredbo Real Estate sales pick up as prices rise in Sydney and Melbourne. 
New clients continue to seek real estate sales and management from Forbes Stynes Real Estate.
Property Management now has 60 properties to take care of.
On-line payments are introduced. 
Construction commences on the bike trail from Lake Crackenback to Jindabyne - more bike riders bring new summer business to the benefit of customers and guests of Forbes Stynes Real estate. 

Spring and Summer 2013

Thredbo Real Estate sales benefit from the new bike trail opening in the Thredbo Valley  that goes all the way from the top of Thredbo via the flow track, and then on down the valley via Ngarigo and Thredbo Diggings to Lake Crackenback. 
New exciting listings coming up including properties in Thredbo and along the Alpine Way. keep your eyes posted on our newsletter updates via email. Join our mailing list for all the scoops. Like our Facebook page I Love Thredbo to get regular pictorial updates. 

2011 Christmas to July 2013

Thredbo Real Estate Sales Activity in the market lifts as interest rates fall, and Sydney investment real estate prices improve. However potential purchasers are being 'sensible' and they want to see sharp prices and reasonable yields. Potentially therefore the market may see further flat-line pricing in Snowy Mountains Holiday properties. 

It's been a tough start to this 2013 ski season, but finally the snow came and we look forward to a great second half of the season. Conditions are in line with this season's long term forecast. 

2011 Spring

The season is almost over, our holiday properties continue to rent well; don't listen to the doomsayers blaming every one but themselves for a slow down this season. If you have well located and presented properties then we can help you achieve excellent rental results.

2011 - July

Now we are in the middle of winter and school holidays are almost over - the best snow conditions at this time since 1990 are reported. Certainly our own ski experience in the past few weeks bears out this claim. The highlights of this year include the sale of the iconic Marritz Alpine Inn in Perisher Valley for a record price of $3.1 million, to keep our sales record as the only agent to successfully sell Perisher property. The sales market is quite difficult, yet we are managing to achieve satisfactory results for our vendors who require expedient action. The management business continues strongly as we focus on delivering top quality management services concentrating on up-to-date maintenance of the properties and a successful advertising programme through google ad-words. We continually strive to update our skills and have attended several training sessions with our internet coach in Sydney. The benefits of this programme are under-lined by the growth in properties under management to over 40 separate apartments, houses and townhouses in Jindabyne, along the Alpine Way and in Thredbo. 


Now coming up to Christmas, and having completed three and a half years of operation, Forbes Stynes Real Estate continues to strengthen its position as the premier Snowy Mountains Real Estate Agent with 100% of the Perisher and Lake Crackenback deals and over 75% of Thredbo transactions done by agents. Our Property Management division marketing through Accommodation Jindabyne and Thredbo Ski Accommodation is growing organically by taking on high quality properties and presenting them positively through the latest technology using the web and virtual tours. Although the real estate market continues to labour, particularly in the holiday property sector, we have shown that if a property is well priced it will sell within a reasonable amount of time. And again this outlines the key for real estate sales anywhere - employ an agent who has their finger on the pulse of the market and who sells the most property in that area.


This year being the second year of operation for Forbes Stynes Real Estate resulted in over 39 sales all over the Snowy Mountains including Thredbo, Perisher, Lake Crackenback and Jindabyne. Our clients find Lake Crackenback offers great value outside of the Kosciusko National Park. In the last few years the local ski racers and public have found Harro's Ski shop at Lake Crackenback to be friendly, helpful and professional. Lots of new building has been undertaken at Lake Crackenback. 


Property Management - Accommodation Jindabyne and ThredboskiAccommodation

Our Property management arm was established early in 2009 trading under the URL's and and marketing fine properties in Thredbo, Jindabyne and along the Alpine Way. 


We make 26 sales in the Snowy Mountains in their first year of operation; maintaining number one position in Thredbo Sales. Making significant inroads into the Perisher Real Estate Market.  Record sale achieved per square metre in Thredbo, over $10,000/m2. Two significant sales of ski lodges in Perisher over the one million dollar mark.  
On a personal note, we managed to embrace the snowy mountains lifestyle and enjoy some great skiing both locally at Thredbo and Perisher and internationally in Japan and America. Michelle Stynes' children took readily to the ski slopes at wombat world in Thredbo Snowsports School, while Steve's children to the books at Snowy Mountains Grammar School over looking beautiful lake Jindabyne.


Centrally located at Lake Crackenback between Thredbo, Perisher, and Jindabyne Forbes Stynes Real Estate opens for business. 


Steve Forbes moves to Jindabyne office and incorporates a new team approach to sales management. Over 140 successful sales result in Jindabyne and surrounding rural areas.


Michelle and Steve achieve record sales price in Thredbo for a private home.

Phone: 02-6457-2144 for Accommodation
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