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There have been no new recent developments in the Kosciusko National Park in Thredbo. The primary reason is that the current leaseholder (Event Hospitality and Entertainment - ASX code EVT) is requesting an extension to the head lease past 2057, and is in negotiation with the NSW State Government. We understand that EVT is committed to spending a good deal of money on village improvements, but would like security of tenure past the current lease expiry. 

With the recent change of ownership of Perisher, it is hoped that the Vail Corporation will commit to further development in the Perisher Valley. We understand there is ongoing discussions between Vail and the NSW State Government regarding the lease status of property in the village. 

Building work in the Kosciusko National Park generally happens during the summer, due to climate considerations and also because of statutory regulation against building in the winter time. 

In Lake Crackenback, there has been more recent land releases, which may result in some new holiday chalets being offered to the market. 

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